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Centril helps merchants deliver an enhanced shopping experience by collecting Voice of the Customer information to create better product recommendations and personalized offers.

4 Things to know about the Centril Customer Relevance Platform™

What’s a Customer Relevance Platform?

When consumers receive marketing messages that they consider irrelevant, it is not just ineffective, it can negatively affect customer loyalty and future sales. After just a couple messages lacking relevance, you risk training the consumer to ignore the next message. Centril helps merchants take their existing investment in personalization, and combine it with Voice of the Customer (VoC) insights we collect to create incredibly relevant product recommendations and personalized offers. Our customer relevance platform creates a more positive customer shopping experience.

What Makes Centril different?

Many retailers have already made significant investments in software designed to present the right product to the right customer at the right time. Information such as purchase history, search history, page views, and clickstream data are all useful for developing product recommendations. However, that information alone often fails to resolve what the customer has done in the past with what they say they want in the future. The Centril Platform unifies customer information from multiple different channels and combines it with VoC data we collect to create a detailed, comprehensive view of each customer.

How does Centril Work?

Centril’s patent-pending technology works by comparing Voice of the Customer information with product information to generate a value of relevance known as the Centril Index for each customer and product combination. The best product and customer match has the highest index value

Our flexible scorecard approach enables Centril to incorporate any data or business rules into the calculation of relevance. Is that a lot of data? Yes - but our approach is cost-effective and scalable resulting in an unprecedented ability to personalize.

How does Centril Benefit Retailers?

Centril facilitates deeper customer engagement and makes the Voice of the Customer actionable. Customers are often willing to share their experiences and preferences with retailers when they get something of value in return. Customers are not turned off by all messaging - they are turned off by irrelevant messaging. Centril gives merchants the ability to use valuable customer feedback more intelligently.

With Centril, retailers can select a product and instantly see which customers are the best prospects. Or the retailer can select a customer, and know which products are most relevant to that customer. With these forward-looking insights, retailers can provide an enhanced customer experience while at the same time optimizing profitability.

Centril makes it easy for retailers to capture the Voice of the Customer, and use that information to make better personalized product recommendations and offers.

How it Works

Collect Customer and Product Information

Centril complements existing recommendation platforms by enabling retailers to instantly obtain real-time customer feedback about virtually anything through a simple, one-touch interface. Newly obtained Voice of the Customer data is combined with existing information to create an augmented view of each customer.

Product information is obtained using the same product data feed that many retailers currently use to support affiliate marketing and ad-tech programs.

Generate Centril Index Values

Centril organizes customer data and product data so it can be used to calculate a measure of relevance called the Centril Index. Using a rules-based configurable scorecard, Centril associates the customer information with product information and reduces it to a single value of relevance. As additional Voice of the Customer information is collected, values are recalculated, improving the accuracy of recommendations.

Centril’s scorecard approach makes the Index calculation infinitely flexible and easy to adjust. As analytical data suggests changes to the weighting of any particular component of the calculation, Centril makes it easy to make those changes through an intuitive user interface.

Create Personalized Offers

High level demographic data is no longer adequate or sufficient for creating offers or messaging that a customer will consider as personalized. Using the VoC data we collect, along with the customer information that is already known about every interaction with every customer, Centril empowers the retailer to truly personalize each message to each individual.

Customer preference is used to manage all interaction such as email, mobile, web applications, or social media. Using the Centril Index ensures that customers will only receive offers for products that are the most relevant to them, based upon what they have done in the past, and what they have said they want in the future. Enhancing the customer experience makes it more likely that the customer will continue to engage with the retailer in the future.

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Centril’s suite of integrated applications enable retailers to engage with customers in immersive, ongoing dialogues that result in more personalized offers for customers and greater Lifetime Customer Value.


The Promote application uses the Centril Index to customize promotions so that customers only receive offers for products they are most likely to buy.

Using comprehensive search criteria, retailers can create promotional campaigns that are as broad or as narrow as desired. This includes product groupings, customer segments, geolocation, product inventory location, or other parameters. Promotions are scheduled and delivered directly to each customer using their preferred channel, including mobile, email, web, and social media

The result is an enhanced customer experience, where customers welcome offers that are relevant, and stop receiving offers for products that are not. Retailers benefit from improved conversion rates, the ability to optimize markdowns, and improved Lifetime Customer Value.

Additionally, Centril is completely API-based, which allows retailers to incorporate Centril’s Voice of the Customer data and product suggestions directly into their existing recommendation, eCommerce and mobile platforms.


AskIt is a web-based application retailers use to build surveys to quickly and easily gather Voice of the Customer information. Our visual engagement platform has the flexibility to ask any customer about virtually anything. AskIt captures Voice of the Customer information by leveraging gamification technology to engage with customers visually using any device. Customers respond to images with one touch, indicating likes and dislikes. The more customers participate, the more they share.

We believe that your most loyal customers are willing to tell you more about themselves if it leads to a greater level of personalized interaction. The AskIt visual engagement platform is infinitely flexible, it is dynamic, and customer interaction occurs in a fun and appealing way.

Newly acquired Voice of the Customer information builds on existing information and is used by the Centril Platform to improve the Centril Index, making future recommendations even better.


GetMe is a consumer mobile and web application that uses each of the components of the Centril Platform to gather Voice of the Customer information and present personalized product recommendations and offers.

Because using GetMe is intuitive, game-like and fun, it significantly increases the amount of customer interaction, resulting in greater insight into the Voice of the Customer. This enables retailers to respond with more relevant offers and grow their relationship with top customers, maximizing Lifetime Customer Value.

GetMe is available as an IOS, Android or web app, and can be custom-themed to meet any retailer’s requirements.

At Centril, we deliver significant value to merchants by developing solutions that provide a true competitive advantage. We hire brilliant people that enjoy solving complex challenges. We make intelligent use of industry and technology standards to ensure the viability and longevity of our solutions.

The Centril Team

Pete Hurtubise


Pete leads Centril’s management team. He has over 30 years of technology leadership experience including CEO and co-founder of UCentive a leading provider of cloud based solutions for college retail stores. He is well regarded for his ability to develop high-quality management teams and launch new products. Prior to UCentive, he held senior management positions at Cyclone Commerce, GE Information Services, Actra, American Business Computer and QRS. Mr. Hurtubise received his BA from Wilfrid Laurier University in Ontario, Canada.

Zacharey Beatty

SVP of Development

Zak is responsible for the leadership of Centril’s software development team. He is highly valued as a “hands-on” technology leader and a respected team coach. Prior to Centril, as Vice President of Development at UCentive he was responsible for all technical aspects of the industry leading, cloud based college store platform. Mr. Beatty holds a B.S. degree in computer science from DeVry Institute of Technology.

Brian Zilvitis


Brian brings over 20 years of financial and operational expertise to Centril. He was previously CFO and co-founder of UCentive, where he oversaw human resources and legal in addition to financial & operational responsibilities. Brian co-founded Next Stage Partners, a private investment fund specializing in the acquisition and restructuring of distressed debt. Prior to that, he was General Partner of Capsource West, an asset-based lender and financial reengineering firm. Mr. Zilvitis has also held senior management positions at two nutraceutical companies.

Mr. Zilvitis received his MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management. He also completed GE Capital’s Financial Management Program. Brian received his BS undergraduate degree from Boston College.

Matt Excell

Chief Architect

Matt is responsible for Centril’s Service and Technology Architectures. He has 15 years of demonstrated skills in architecting, deploying, and streamlining very large, Internet-scale projects for Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies as well as several successful start-ups. As a recognized thought leader in the Java community, one of the architects of the Nationwide Health Information Network, and a Computerworld Laureate, Matt has been an invited speaker at numerous national and international conferences.

Matt received his MBA with IT Management Emphasis on top of his Bachelors of Science from Western Governors University, and is currently working toward a Doctor of Science in Information Systems, Decision Support, Knowledge and Data Management from Dakota State University.

Nathan Berry

VP of Design

Nate brings more than 15 years of design, front end development, information technology and management experience from both the public and private sectors. He leads Centril’s design group responsible for UI/UX and graphic design for mobile and web applications, websites and software applications.

Prior to Centril, Nate was the Senior Manager of Creative Development for Rakuten Marketing. While there, he was responsible for managing creative teams both in the US and UK, advancing Rakuten’s worldwide creative ad framework and creating innovative display ads for some of the largest companies in the world.

Mr. Berry studied design at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and computer science at Western Governors University.

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